One Shop World Academy's Preparatory Grade 0 in the Business Development and Education System (SIRBIO)

This training material has been prepared by Vladimir Soloshenko, the founder of One Shop World.

Free grade 0 is provided free of charge. The full SIRBIO course (10 grades) is available for purchase via Partner's Dashboard (including sign language translation).

The SIRBIO training platform is a unique original product that allows you to transfer knowledge and check its consolidation without the direct participation of sponsors as the partner learns directly from the founder of the Company. The problem of teaching beginners is solved completely: no more loss of information, misinterpretations, and other difficulties interfering with learning. Methods of working with the team, the competent mastering of marketing products and services, building a stable structure - all this awaits you in the SIRBIO course.

Sponsor's work and part

To start, you need to understand what sponsoring is.

Sponsoring means inviting a person to work together in order to make money together, and training them to achieve such a level that they will learn to build their business on their own. Sponsoring is called recruiting too. Recruiting is an old word that means "inviting a person to work." What means the same.

When you sponsor someone, it means that you teach them how and what to do. You teach them how to build their own business.

The word “sponsoring” means educating people, helping and supporting them to learn how to make money and build their own business. It makes a big difference whether you sponsor a person or help them fill in a contract form. By sponsoring you assume responsibility for the successful work of your partner. By not helping them, you cause harm by attracting a person to your business and leaving them, without teaching anything, in the hope that they will “rise” on their own. I want to tell you a small secret. They won't rise. And do you know why? Because they have no clue where to and how they're supposed to "rise". You should help your new partner set up their own business. The sponsor's responsibility constitutes educating the partners in everything that the sponsor knows about the business. If you haven't known much yet, it's okay. You are in the process of learning, what means that you will gradually know your job better and better. Just don't teach a person everything that you know at once, especially if you have been working for several months or years.

A person should be taught gradually, moving from simple to complex things. It is much more effective to deal with a person individually. The learning outcomes of the same person when working individually are always better than at group work.

What things should be taught? Your partner should be taught the things that will help them to make money right now. If the knowledge that you are giving them now will not be useful to them during the following week, and they can do without it, do not tell them about it. The knowledge that they receive today are supposed to be applicable right tomorrow and bring income immediately. It really matters. Sponsoring is an activity that allows your business to become big and very successful. After your department begins to grow, you will automatically turn into an independent and successful businessman or businesswoman.

The business for which you work allows you to make a lot of money. And by a lot I mean a lot. And you can really become a wealthy and rich person.

In fact, this business is not very difficult, but you need to understand it and study everything well at once. Then you should work exactly according to the system to achieve your actions to be repeated by your junior partners. Profit always depends on the size of the team of partners and on how they learn and repeat your actions. Unfortunately, the rule "Do as I tell you to" does not work in a team. Another rule works very well: "Look at me and do as I do."

The easiest way to understand the reason why partners fail to do something is ask yourself the question: "Did they see how I had done it?"; or "Did I teach them this well?"; or "Do I do this?" And everything will become clear to you. It's just some kind of magic, but your partners will try to copy their leader in everything, and especially, instantly accept any negative aspects. You need to invite your partner and really show by personal example how work is to be done. Be positive and professional. Only a good attitude is allowed. Force yourself in any way. But your attitude should only be positive and optimistic.

Gradually you will realize that you can make a lot of money. Many people start working, hoping to earn RUB 3,000–5,000. Then, unexpectedly for themselves, they see that with a correct and professional attitude to the business, they can earn RUB 20,000 to 50,000 or more. What does it depend on? The size of your department. In this course, we will look at how this is done. In this business, everyone starts with simple steps. The team of partners gradually increases. Newcomers ask the same or similar questions. You are getting more and more involved in answering their questions. There is more office work. If you don't know anything, it's okay. There is always a more experienced leader who is ready to help you.

Once you master this job, it will take less and less time, and your income will keep growing. In a few weeks, you will start helping the emerging leaders and newcomers to work. Basically, this work boils down to ensuring that all group actions stay clear and coordinated. Scheduling of meetings of sponsors with newcomers. Control over newcomers' attendance of all meetings and classes. It is very important to make sure that newcomers do not "shy away" unnoticed but stay supported by the person who invited them or a higher-level sponsor.

You gradually pass on your experience to your junior partners. They earn more and more, what makes your business very reliable and profitable. The more your subordinate partners earn, the more profitable it is for you. They need help.

Later you will find out what to do when the group begins to grow, but basically your job will be inviting people and training your team to independently build their own business.

Starting your own business is precisely about inviting people who are interested in a good growing income and teaching them how to create structures through which the information about One Shop World will move from person to person.

How the company grows

You need to understand how you can build your own structure consisting of several hundred people. Did you get scared by the number of people?

Don't worry. Just understand how it works and start doing it.

1st generation, or 1st line, is people whom you personally invite. They invite their own newcomers. Those are partners of their own 1st line, and for you this line is second.

It can be compared to family. You are a parent. You are a sponsor. You have children. Children are the first generation, or the first line. Grandchildren are the second line, and so on.

Let's take a look at the figure.


Let's count a little.

Say, you invited 2 people into the business.

Your junior partners started repeating your actions and also decided to invite two people.

You invited two people. These two invited novices each invited 2 people. 2 x 2 = 4. Thus, there are 4 more people in your structure. And when each of them attracts two more people, it turns out to be 8.

Then everyone invites 2 people.

The table now looks like this:

Acquire new participants Total participants
2 x 2 = 4 x 2 = 8 x 2 = 16 2 + 4 + 8 + 16 = 30


Take a piece of paper and draw the progress of your team, how your structure grows if you build it up to 4 lines. Everyone invites 2 people. You invite two people and your partners do the same. Count the number of participants on each line. What is the total number of participants in your department?

Draw each of your partners as a circle. Connect with a line who invited whom, so that it is clear, as in my drawing. I drew a level 1 chart. Next, continue drawing up to level 4 and count the people.

Next example:

You invited one person more. Not 2 people, but 3.

See how the number of people in your department changes if everyone invites only one more person. You invited three. They invited 3 people each.

3 х 3 = 9. Then everyone invites 3 people.

The table now looks like this:

Acquire new participants Total participants
3 х 3 = 9 x 3 = 27 x 3 = 81 3 + 9 + 27 + 81 = 120

In the following table, see how your structure changes when you invite 4 people.

Acquire new participants Total participants
4 х 4 = 16 x 4 = 64 x 4 = 256 4 + 16 + 64 + 256 = 340

It's only you who decide how large the structure you want to create. I want to draw your attention to the fact that if you personally invite more than 2 people, for example 3 or 4, then the department increases tenfold at the 3rd or 4th levels.

Complete an assignment

Exercise: Take a piece of paper and draw a table of how your structure grows if you build up to the 5th line and everyone invites 5 people. You invite 5 people, and your partners do the same. Count the number of participants on each line, and what is the total number of participants in your department now?

Just a few active partners

For many people it is clear what it means to invite 2, 3 or 4 more people, but it is difficult to imagine such a number of people in a team as 30, 120 or 340.

It is even more difficult to imagine a team of 780 people.

We will consider an example that will not be very scary for you at this stage. But if you are really going to make big money, then you can independently consider yourself in the maximum line if you invite 5 people.

Let's first consider building a business with an example of 3 people being invited. You invited 3 people into the business who really want to create their own business and make big money. These people are called active partners. Perhaps, you will need to invite 5 or 7 people, of which 3 partners will turn out to be active. Let's see who the active partner is.

Who is the active partner?

  1. This is a partner who regularly communicates with their sponsor or higher-level sponsors to discuss performance and set new goals.
  2. They subscribed to all social groups run by One Shop World and the Trade Union of Free Business Owners.
  3. They post the most interesting stories from social groups of One Shop and the Trade Union of Free Business Owners in their social media pages.
  4. They are members of the Trade Union of Free Business Owners.
  5. They have a personal share in the Company and monitor the price of the share, and receive profit with it.
  6. They take professional courses in the Business Development and Training System (SIRBIO) in accordance with their level.
  7. They invite people to work. Every week they tell at least 4 people about the Company.
  8. They make the compulsory purchase volume in the first two weeks of the month on a monthly basis.
  9. They pay their monthly membership fee to the trade union.
  10. They recommend One Shop to partners, relatives, and friends.
  11. They participate in all social and educational activities of the Company.
  12. They take care of their junior partners, help them, and teach them how to build business on their own.
  13. They strive for each partner of their structure to meet the requirements to the active consultant of One Shop World.
  14. They conduct business diligently, monitor their personal appearance, and always keep in mind that we represent a large international company.

First, check if you qualify to be called the Active Partner.

If you do not correspond to any sign of the Active Partner, then this is not a problem. What should you do in this case? It is necessary to decide that you will become them in the near future and do it as quickly as possible. In the future, always maintain the status of the Active Partner and help your newcomers to become active partners.

First you become an active partner, then your newcomers become active partners, then their newcomers do, and then you are rich. There is no other route.

And when YOU are standing before the lights (what will be necessary), some beginner will ask you: “Tell me please, is there a secret of how to quickly get to the Director status? What should be done for this?" You will be able to say proudly: “First you become an active partner, then your newcomers become active partners, then their newcomers do, and then you are a Director. There is no other route." And it will be like a bolt from the blue because it is so simple and clear that only idiots do not understand this and do something completely different. You just need to become an active partner and show others how to do this. And then help them to teach their newcomers to this. That's the business.

You need to learn how to nurture active partners.

In our example, when we are talking about creating a team, at the initial stage it means how to create a team of 3 active partners in the first line. The first line is those people whom you personally invited. Then you help junior partners to create their own team of 3 active partners in the second line.

While the team building process goes on, should someone start promoting must-have purchases? Sure thing. Compulsory purchases should move through the structure concurrently with team building. Don't forget about your friends, relatives, and neighbors.

We are considering a structure where everyone invites 3 people.