Our Shop

Welcome to our corporate website!

Our Goals

  1. Create a network of safe, comfortable, and fully autonomous cottage townships provided with quality goods, the promotion of which is based on the MLM principles.
  2. Create a modern high-tech company for doing business in the MLM system for beginners and network marketing professionals so that they can build their businesses quickly, simply, profitably, and reliably.
  3. To provide the network with a wide range of environmentally friendly everyday products, which allow clients to get benefit and pleasure from their use, as well as build a growing and reliable MLM business based on those products.

Our Strategy

OneShop is a one-stop shop. It's more than just a shop – it's a style and a lifestyle that starts with building your customer structure at OneShop to create a passive source of income for yourself. As the newcomers of the MLM system advance and develop within OneShop, they become real professionals and form a reliable and growing MLM business for themselves. Gradually, they purchase various OneShop products, including a house or apartment built with the latest modern 3D printing technology, for affordable prices.

Then they get an opportunity to buy everything they need for life, from communication services to the latest cars and fuel to refill them.

Building a business based on everyday goods that are sold all over the world will allow our MLM network partners to build a fast-growing and reliable MLM business, the income from which will bring them to a completely different, higher quality standard of living.

At One Shop World, there is no need for personal sales at all, and all consumption is based on the most needed natural food products, which are bought regularly and run out quickly. The simplicity of the business makes it accessible to any hardworking person, and the training system will allow you to master the MLM specialist occupation up from simple to complex steps and achieve excellent results. OneShop partner's entire income is referral-based. There are no sales.

OneShop is a global international project; even at the initial stage, it includes participants and partners from dozens of countries. The strategy of the founders and investors of the OneShop project is create a new market of multi-million happy consumers of high-quality goods and services, using all advantages of the Internet, the latest financial instruments, and MLM promotion systems.

"Then they get an opportunity to buy everything they need to live, from communication services to the latest cars and fuel to refill them."

Particular attention is paid to three areas: robotics, modern financial instruments, and gathering a strong team of leaders able to build the OneShop business using the MLM technology.

  • Robotics can reduce costs by bringing the final price of consumer goods and services down to a competitive minimum and minimize human error-related risks.
  • Modern financial instruments such as blockchain, e-money, and mobile banking allow you to buy quickly, reliably, and with the lowest transaction expenses, taking into account tax optimization.
  • A strong team of leaders builds a network of professionals who, in their turn, build a network of multi-million loyal consumers around the world through the corporate spirit of OneShop and high quality products for daily consumption.


How to be a happy, financially secured person in times when the economies of many countries are in crisis, when robotics is crowding out jobs? To answer this question, OneShop has created the OneShop Academy in its first days. The main task of the Academy is teaching the 21st century professions, which cannot be replaced by robots. OneShop plans to create up to a million of new high-paid jobs for people who will want to live a happy life in autonomous cities built with the latest technology.