Real Estate Program

One Shop World housing construction for partners.

This affordable housing program is based on the Residential Program of the Free Entrepreneurs, Freelancers and Outsourcers Trade Union together with OOO StroyExpressMontazh. Mutually beneficial cooperation of the Trade Union and One Shop World resulted in quick launch of the program. The first housing units have already been constructed in Elista, Republic of Kalmykia (3D-printed housing), and Leningrad Oblast (timber framing).

The unique program is aimed at improving the housing situation of One Shop World partners who are the members of the Free Entrepreneurs, Freelancers and Outworkers Trade Union, and provides an opportunity to buy housing units built using 3D printers, timber framing, and other contemporary construction methods. Unique townships are planned to be built in different regions of Russia and CIS countries under this program. The township concept is based on optimizing the whole area and real estate objects.

Land development is going on in several regions at once. Our first housing unit has been built in Elista, and two other housing units have been built in Leningrad Oblast.

Today we have three 3D printers purchased by the Company under special terms from a reliable Russian manufacturer. We have executed a contract for timber-framed houses designed under our own project at the production site in Belarus.

We are thoroughly developing layouts of the townships, designing houses, getting approvals, calculating thermal capacity, durability, and seismic rating, and conducting laboratory tests. As of the present moment, the durability of our first house block has been confirmed with the certificate issued by OOO Standart-Beton. Our 3D-printed products have shown higher durability so far than those made of shell and common bricks that are commonly used in private housing, in particular in the Southern Federal District of Russia.

Advanced Technologies in Everyday Life

Most people dream of their own good, durable, convenient, and comfortable house. Contemporary technologies make housing affordable for anyone and allow for quicker building and sales for reasonable prices.

The entire strategy of One Shop World is based on maximum automation of all the construction stages. One Shop uses robots where possible. We have carefully selected construction robots, 3D printers and timber-frame construction technology to build our houses.

Timber-framed house is a rapidly erected structure with the interconnected bearing elements. Timber framing is the main type of low-rise construction in Scandinavian countries, Finland, Germany, the US, Canada, and Japan. Timber framing is considered one of the most advanced construction technologies.

The frame is made of dried and molded timber. Mostly, it is glued laminated timber. The main principle of this construction technology follows its name: it is all about the frame. The frame is built first and then the frame is sheathed with various materials.

Advantages of 3D printing and timber framing:

  • Substantially shorter construction time;
  • Reduced construction costs;
  • Reduced expenses on construction teams;
  • Reduced risk of error and defect;
  • Widest design options.

The program is available both for our partners and third-party purchasers

Studio apartment 29 sq. m European-style two-room apartment 35 sq. m European-style three-room apartment 60 sq. m Terraced house 90 sq. m House 150 sq. m House 250 sq. m
Director RUB 580,000 RUB 700,000 RUB 1,200,000 RUB 1,440,000 RUB 2,400,000 RUB 4,000,000
Free Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, and Outsourcers Trade Union members RUB 725,000 RUB 875,000 RUB 1,500,000 RUB 1,800,000 RUB 3,000,000 RUB 5,000,000
Third-party purchasers RUB 870,000 RUB 1,050,000 RUB 1,800,000 RUB 2,250,000 RUB 3,750,000 RUB 6,250,000

Real estate marketing is the same as product marketing for levels 1, 2, 3, 4 ,5. Starting from level 5, there are 5%.

Let’s look at how to earn money from apartment purchase

The partner finds a customer who pays for real estate in installments during 5 years. After that they organize a group of purchases to earn for their own house.

One Shop World Unified Marketing for Any Activity

You start to advertise One Shop together with your partner % accrued based on the downline purchaser’s transactions Your monthly income in RUB for two-room apartment if the purchaser’s installment amounts to RUB 11,800 a month Number of persons at each level Your monthly income from each purchaser level in RUB The revenue covers a monthly installment for the apartment
Purchaser level 1 1 118 3 354
Purchaser level 2 2 236 9 2124
Purchaser level 3 3 354 27 9,558 Total for 3 levels 12 036
Development of customer network with passive income source
Purchaser level 4 4 472 81 38,232
Purchaser level 5 5 590 243 143,370
TOTAL 363 193,638

This up-to-date advanced program allows to make dreams come true for thousands of One Shop partners.

The program helps to solve 4 tasks:

  • Earn money for your own apartment and house;
  • Provide your children and grandchildren with their own housing;
  • Establish business in the field of real estate and provide yourself with income for life that results from sales of water, heating, and electric power under the marketing program;
  • Move to your new, beautiful, and innovative house.