Real estate and 3D printed houses

One Shop World's in-house campaign for building 3D printed real estate for company's partners.

This affordable housing program is based on the Housing Program of the Trade Union of Free Business Owners, Freelancers, and Home Workers (SPFNR). The mutually beneficial cooperation between the Trade Union and One Shop World led to a quick start of the program with the first housing unit built in Elista, the Republic of Kalmykia.

This unique program for improving the housing conditions of One Shop World's partners – members of the SPFNR Trade Union – makes it possible to purchase housing units built using the 3D printing. Within the framework of the Housing Program, it is planned to build unique settlements within vast territories in various regions of Russia and the CIS countries. The concept of the settlements will be based on optimization of both total area and living area of housing units.

The areas are being developed in several regions at once. The first housing unit was built in Elista while Orenburg, Perm, Nizhniy Tagil, and Yessentuki are in the list of priority cities too.

Today we have at our disposal three 3D printers purchased by the Company on special terms from a trusted Russian manufacturer.

We work out every detail in the settlement master plans, design the projects of houses, obtain permits, calculate the heat capacity, strength, and seismicity of buildings, and conduct laboratory tests. As for today, OOO Standard-Beton has confirmed the strength of the house block in our first unit with an official certificate. 3D printed products have shown higher strength than those of shell or red bricks, which are widely used in private construction, for example, in the Southern Federal District of Russia.

Modern technologies in everyday life

For most people, a good, strong, convenient, and comfortable home of their own is a dream of a lifetime. Modern technology makes the housing available to most people, faster and for a reasonable price.

The entire strategy of One Shop World is based on maximum automated activities. Wherever possible, One Shop uses robots. To build houses, we chose construction robots and 3D printers as well.

A 3D printed house is very damage-proof. In fact, it's a single monolithic structure. Layer by layer, 3D printers print houses absolutely on their own. They only need cement, sand, and water. A single person operates such a printer. The robot makes a house without stopping and without smoke breaks, there is no waste, it immediately creates all necessary niches and holes, and it can lay out any architectural shape. A huge number of facilities are available inside the house like a mini-pool, stairs, any arches, columns, and other architectural items.

The production time is 2 days for an average private house and 2 weeks for a 16-apartment building. This is very fast.

Advantages of 3D printing over traditional construction methods:

  • Significantly reduced construction time;
  • Reduced construction costs;
  • Reduced costs for construction crew;
  • Reduced risk of errors and defects;
  • Widest design opportunities.

What else can a 3D printer do?

  • Create small architectural forms like outdoor furniture, fences, sculptures, fountains, and much more;
  • Print stairs, towers, wells;
  • Create unusual architectural elements on the facade of houses at a minimal cost.

Construction and architectural capabilities of 3D printers that are procured by One Shop World for construction.

Participation in this program is available exclusively to One Shop World's partners

Studio apartment of 29 sq. m European-style two-room apartment of 35 sq. m European-style three-room apartment of 60 sq. m Townhouse of 90 sq. m House of 150 sq. m House of 250 sq. m
Director RUB 580,000 RUB 700,000 RUB 1,200,000 RUB 1,440,000 RUB 2,400,000 RUB 4,000,000
SPFNR Trade Union's member RUB 725,000 RUB 875,000 RUB 1,500,000 RUB 1,800,000 RUB 3,000,000 RUB 5,000,000
Third-party buyer RUB 870,000 RUB 1,050,000 RUB 1,800,000 RUB 2,250,000 RUB 3,750,000 RUB 6,250,000

Real estate marketing is the same as grocery marketing: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Level 5 and higher - 5%

Let's consider a way to earn your own apartment

Our partner finds a customer, and he or she pays for real estate in installments for 5 years. Then he or she gathers a group of buyers and earns his or her own house

One Shop World single marketing for all campaigns

You are a partner and start promoting the One Shop network % from purchases made by a lower-level buyer Your monthly income (RUB) with an estimated monthly payment for a 2-room apartment of RUB 11,800 per month Number of people at each level Your monthly income (RUB) by each level of buyers The money earned covers the entire monthly payment for the apartment
Buyer Level 1 1 118 3 354
Buyer Level 2 2 236 9 2,124
Buyer Level 3 3 354 27 9,558 Total for 3 levels: 12,036
Further development of the customer network Creating a passive source of income.
Buyer Level 4 4 472 81 38,232
Buyer Level 5 5 590 243 143,370
TOTAL 363 193,638

This modern high-tech program will make it possible for thousands of One Shop's hardworking partners to make their dreams come true.

With this program, you can solve 4 problems:

  • Earn your own apartment or house;
  • Provide your children and grandchildren with their own housing;
  • Build a real estate business by creating a stable income for a lifetime from the sale of water, heat, and electricity in the marketing mode;
  • Move to a new, beautiful, and modern apartment.