Fuel Program

One Shop World's unique campaign is providing its partners with an opportunity to earn from refueling their cars

Every day we refuel our cars with petrol, diesel fuel, or gas, paying for fuel out of our own pockets. The founders of the Company have come up with a way to turn expenses into income in terms of providing partners' cars with the fuel they need every day.

Our fuel program includes 12,000 filling stations in Russia and neighboring countries (Belarus and Kazakhstan). The list of gas stations includes only reliable companies that provide high-quality fuel. To participate in the program, you need to purchase a Fuel Card through your Dashboard, wait for it to be delivered, and use it at any gas station from the list.

Apply for a Fuel Card and start earning today

Arrive at a gas station, refuel your car, and pay with your Fuel Card. The entire payment will be credited to your sales volume by marketing. It's convenient, simple, and profitable!

For replenishing your card balance, use your Dashboard. One Shop World's employees will support each Program participant. We charge no extra fees; servicing is absolutely free for the Program participants.

How do I build a fuel business?

All payments for the fuel are distributed in a single marketing mode.

You can find full and detailed terms and conditions for participating in this bonus program in the Marketing section. The Bonus System.

Let's consider a way to stop spending on fuel and start making money out with it.

Say, you are engaged in advertising the One Shop fuel program.

You gather a group of drivers who fill their cars with any fuel under our fuel program at our partners' gas stations or those of our own. The average monthly expenditures of a typical driver make up RUB 2,000 to 5,000 or more. Let's take as the average amount RUB 3,000 per month.

You are a partner and start promoting the One Shop network Bonus % from purchases made by a lower-level driver Your monthly income (RUB) with average fuel expenses of RUB 3,000 Number of people at each level Your monthly income (RUB) by each level of buyers The money earned covers all monthly costs on fuel
Buyer Level 1 1 30 3 90
Buyer Level 2 2 60 9 540
Buyer Level 3 3 90 27 2,430 Total for 3 levels: 3,060

Further development of the customer network Creating a passive source of income.

Buyer Level 4 4 120 81 9,720
Buyer Level 5 5 150 243 36,450
TOTAL 363 49,230

To receive bonuses in the fuel project, partners must make a compulsory purchase in the amount of RUB 3,000 (50 $) within one month in any project.

With this One Shop World program, one can turn their monthly fuel expenses into a profitable business and create their own passive source of income.

Actions to build your own fuel business in collaboration with One Shop World consist of three steps:

  1. Fill your car for at least RUB 3,000 or more within a month.
  2. Find those who spend on fuel RUB 3,000 or more per month and explain them how the bonus system works.
  3. Teach them to talk about this further and achieve an iteration.

That's the business!!!

The compulsory purchase of RUB 3,000 (50 dollars) to get bonuses may be made in any other project of the Company or combined in parts.


RUB 1,500 to pay for products with home delivery.

RUB 1,500 to spend on refueling a car. Your bonuses will be credited in full.

Many words will not fill a bushel. One Shop World pays for a referral. Bonuses accrued for referrals can be used to pay for fuel or credited as cash to your bank card.