Accident Insurance Program

Insurance certificates for those who take care of themselves and their families

One Shop World's insurance program is designed for the Company partners and offers special conditions for insurance coverage against accidents. The scope of insurance is property interests associated with causing harm to life or health of an insured person.

We offer insurance certificates for children and adults, as well as certificates for children and adults, taking into account sports activities, in particular training sessions and competitions.

The certificates differ in the amount insured: RUB 300,000, RUB 500,000 or RUB 1,000,000.

You can find more details of insurance certificates in your Dashboard.

Regardless of the selected certificate, the following conditions apply:

  • insurance term of 12 months;
  • insurance period of 24 hours;
  • insurance area is entire world;
  • the age of an insured person is from 0 to 71 years.

The accident means a short-term, sudden, unintended, and unforeseen event that occurs during the insurance term regardless of the will of the insured person and results in injury or death.

Insurance against accidents is your confidence in the future. No insurance certificate will cover accidental adversity, but it will help you in the event of one. Insured events are temporary incapacity to work, disability or death resulted from an accident.

You can apply for an insurance certificate in your Dashboard by filling in a special form in the Insurance Program section. The entire payment for the insurance certificate is credited to the sales volume for participants up to level 7.

The insurance certificate can be paid with bonuses by replenishing the main account in your Dashboard. Insurance certificates for relatives or friends may be issued using a real bank account only.