System of Business Development and Training (SIRBIO)

Next Generation Networking Business School – you are earning while your partners are learning

The unique training system, the author and creator of which is the founder of One Shop World, Vladimir Soloshenko. Over 20 years of networking experience, extensive experience in traditional business, as well as the experience of creating a network company from scratch helped the author to develop a truly unique educational product, the purpose of which is solve the problems of training networkers and teach partners to build a stable structure at a high speed.

What are the main challenges in teaching beginners?

Distortion of learning material when it's passed from one person to another, disruption of topic delivery sequence, missing classes, and lack of practice.

SIRBIO solves all those problems thanks to advanced technology

The computer program controls the sequence of topic delivery, digestion, and memorizing. During the classes, as well as after they end, the students do tasks and carry out practical training, which are checked by robots too. No coach involvement is needed as any distortion or misinterpretation is eliminated.

You can study wherever and whenever you find it convenient

Beginners enter SIRBIO courses and complete the business school of Vladimir Soloshenko without any intermediaries between the course author and the beginners. An important point in the subsequent activities of your entire structure is that all students receive identical knowledge. This means that each partner will act exactly according to the algorithm and will benefit the whole team. The more your structure earns, the more you earn.