Transport Program

Millions of people around the world travel by plane and train every day. We have created a program for making money from travelling

Network partners often travel around the country and the world, working with their teams in various cities and countries. Each trip means ticket expenses, the time spent to find and buy tickets, and possible difficulties associated with their forced return.

Understanding the total financial and time costs of such travels, the founders of One Shop World looked for ways to turn this expense item into an income one.

Today, the participants of the Transport Program buy railway and air tickets through their Dashboard with the full cost being credited to their sales volume. Tickets are available on special terms and are often cheaper than at the standard purchasing on reseller websites.

The Company's employees prepare the tickets. During the trip and in the event of any difficulties on weekdays, we are always in touch and ready to help.

Travel tickets are a common necessity. Why not start earning from them?

Partners can order a ticket for themselves or a member of their family, and the entire cost will be included in their sales volume. By recommending their friends to buy train or plane tickets, partners start earning as the cost of tickets for each partner of their structure is distributed up to level 5 according to the marketing mode.