Want to earn money from your daily spendings and turn your expenses into revenue?
It is all possible with One Shop World!

Here are the details of One Shop World products. Purchase any product to provide accruals to your account and get bonuses, which you can spend in our system and withdraw to your bank card and individual entrepreneur's account. Have a nice shopping!


OneShop Products

Our business is based on selling products. At one-shop.store you can buy high-quality tasty products and arrange delivery to your house and office.

OneShopProducts is a retail network of food products in Russia operating since 2020. Our sites are located in Orenburg, Elista, Pyatigorsk, Perm, Rubtsovsk, and Ekaterinburg.

Purchasing food products and other everyday essentials makes it possible for our partners to get high-quality verified goods and turn most of their expenses into revenue with bonuses for advertising the store. You can partially pay for any products with bonuses if you shop online and in our retail points.


OneShopBeauty products provide high-quality result and excellent care. We are going to launch our own beauty product range soon. Now we are testing products by various manufacturers and participate in development of unique product ingredients.

The company plans not only to produce care products. OneShopBeauty is going to come to market with several cosmetic boxes for satisfaction of daily needs of our purchasers. We care for you and save your time!


Моноблок OneTech – готовое
решение для вашего бизнеса

This One Shop electronics brand includes all-in-one PCs. All-in-one PC is a computer with all the components in one case. It is a fully-featured computer that saves space and is quite simple in assembly and launch. OneTech all-in-one PC is a ready-made solution for your business.

Today we plan to expand our selection of goods. We keep negotiating with various manufacturers and are going to present our partners with different all-in-one PCs in various price ranges and with various components such as keyboards, computer mice, loudspeakers, headphones, etc.